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Kate, a carefree young woman, is nervous about spending her first weekend away with her new lover and his kids. On their way to his beachside holiday home, he receives a text from his troubled ex-wife, threatening suicide. Thinking it's just another cry for attention, he ignores it. Later that night he receives the call he was dreading. Kate suddenly finds herself embroiled in a complex family situation that she's not ready for, trying to find a way to comfort a grieving family that she hasn't yet found her place in.

Directed by Anastasia Raykova

Cinematographer: Cem Demirer

Writers: Gulnara Sapargalieva, Angela Franklyn

Producers: David Royzengurt, Anastasia Raykova, Anastasia Everall

Line Producer: Remi Tribillon

Editor: Razvan Barseti

Starring: Anastasia Everall, Paulo Rocha


FARCUME: Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de Faro - 

Fiction Grand Priz, Best Actor Award

Entre Olhares - Mostra de Cinema Português

Argenteuil International Film Festival - Best Short Drama

Halicarnassus Film Festival -Best Short Drama Film

Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival - Honorable Mention

Aporia International Village Film Festival

16 Festival Comunicurtas

Boden International Film Festival - Best Women Film Maker

SHORT to the Point

Screener Short Films

New York CineFest

Neptune Movie Awards - Best Short – Live Action

OFFICIAL SELECTION - FARCUME Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de Faro - 2021-2.p
Seleção Oficial - Entre Olhares (Positivo).png
BEST DRAMA - Argenteuil International Film Festival - 2021.png
palma comunicurtas2.png
BEST SHORT DRAMA - Halicarnassus Film Festival - 2021-2.png
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