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'Karavai-Karavai' is the story of Igor, a groom who has been enchanted by his wife-to-be. During the wedding celebration, Igor gets more and more sick and tries to run away from 'the best day of his life' that has turned into a personal hell. The question is if he’s really under a spell or if he is being pushed into it by social obligations.

Director: Alisa Tritenko

Cinematographer: Norbert Strehle 

Producers: Anastasia Raykova

Writers: Alejandro Stepenberg, Alisa Tritenko

Editor: Razvan Barseti

Starring: Anna Kotova, Dmitriy Kubasov, Maria Rasskazova 

Open Festival of Studnt and Debute Films "Saint Anna", Moscow
Russian Film Week, London

Russian Film Week Karavai-Karavai
Official selection -  short film Karavai-Karavai
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