2021 IFFA Nomination Best Creative Concept Nostalgia Anastasia Raykova.png
2021 LJIFFF Official Selection Badge Nostalgia 2.png
2021 IFFA Nomintaion Best Cinematography Nostalgia Yuriy Smakov.png
2021 IFFA Nomination Narration Nostalgia Liza Moryak.png
2021 IFFA Nomination Best Sound Design Nostalgia tiago cardoso • dinis henriques.png
2021 IFFA Nomination Best Editing Nostalgia egor myasnikov • andrey rybakov • anastasia ra
2021 IFFA Nomination Best Art Direction Nostalgia Alexandra Troitskaya.png

Nostalgia, short film

Director: Anastasia Raykova

Cinematographer: Yuriy Shmakov

Producer: David Royzengurt

Production designer: Alexandra Troitskaya

Editors: Egor Myasnikov, Andrey Rybakov, Anastasia Raykova

Music: Sansara band

Starring: Liza Moryak, Rina Grishina, Alina Nizova

'Nostalgia' is a short study of female friendship. After many years away, Adele returns to her hometown and meets her childhood friend, Nina. Growing up together they shared all their most joyful, happy and crazy moments. But the meeting turns out to be just a figment of Adele's imagination as she passes by the familiar house filled with happy memories.

NOSTALGIA poster.jpg
NOSTALGIA poster.jpg